The Best Vegas Music Performances

Las Vegas is known not only for its casinos, but also for the opportunity to see the most grandiose, technically complex, and spectacular shows in the world, as well as concerts of famous pop and rock stars. After wandering and gawking at various beautiful hotels of Las Vegas, one should not forget about all sorts of street shows and music performances organized with the same goal – to lure more people to best Vegas casinos. Almost all shows are held daily, several times a day.

The secret of the attractiveness of Las Vegas is associated not only with concerts of celebrities, but also with shows for every taste – from performances of magicians and tamers to grandiose shows with international performers participating in them. There are no such shows anywhere in the world, primarily because only in Las Vegas such huge money is invested in entertainment for tourists.

The Best Vegas Music Performances

What’s Interesting about Las Vegas Shows?

The cost of different shows in Las Vegas varies a lot. It all depends on the popularity and level of the show. Such performances help tourists understand the spirit of Las Vegas; therefore, you should see at least one such show to feel the city. For example, the water show Cirque du Soleil and similar technically complex programs are impossible on tour; they are held in specially equipped concert halls. So you can see them in Las Vegas only.

In each Vegas hotel you can buy a pocket guide containing information about time and location of free shows taking place in the area. However, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase that guide, we strongly advise you to see the show of Dancing Fountains (Bellagio), the volcanic eruption, and Pirates show (Treasure Island). Of course, with an eventful program in the city, it is difficult to pick the best show, but we are always happy to help you!

O – Cirque du Soleil. Hotel Bellagio

It is a visually stunning show with elements of air, fire, and water. All Cirque du Soleil shows are amazing performances with the participation of world-class acrobats, gymnasts, jumpers in water, and representatives of synchronized swimming. The combination of plastic artists, special lighting effects, and innovative Vegas casino music soundtracks performed by the ensemble of live musicians and singers during the show creates the impression of an unrepeatable work of art.

The Best Vegas Music Performances

Zarkana – Cirque du Soleil. Hotel Aria at City Center

Zarkana creates for the audience a mysterious journey to an abandoned theater filled by strange characters with their amazing talents. Live music, magic, and mysticism are waiting for you in Zarkana.

KA – Cirque du Soleil. MGM Grand Hotel

It is an adventure story about twins, who were separated by the attack of evil warriors on their palace during the holiday. When trying to escape, each of them is forced to take the difficult path, then to find each other and get his palace back. The story is fascinating, but what really impresses viewers is how it is told.

LOVE – Cirque du Soleil. Hotel Mirage

This show is a fusion of acrobatics, dance, and visual effects – all accompanied by the soundtracks of classical rock and roll. The show is a journey through the trends of the 60’s. It tells the history of the rock band The Beatles through the songs of the group represented in the show. If you are a fan of this group, you will not be disappointed by watching this show.

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