5 eSports Everyone Will Be Gambling on in the Future

Esports is a trend. The audience of cybersports is increasing every day, just like that of online gambling. The rapid growth in the popularity of esports could not help attracting the attention of the business sector. Today, this is already one of the most promising areas in the domestic and global markets. And there is a reason for that.

Computers and computer technologies are today used throughout the world. Without them, there is not a single large-scale production. Computers have become a necessary attribute of every person in his everyday life. Interacting with the computer, a person develops: explores the vast expanses of space, conquers incurable diseases, creates new technologies, etc. But computers are used not only for scientific activities and production control, but also for entertainment. The most popular online games collect multimillion audiences, and their fans are in every corner of the globe. So let’s see what are the top five games of the future.

5 eSports Everyone Will Be Gambling on in the Future

Dota 2

Legendary progenitor of the MOBA genre, DotA became a cyber discipline at the peak of its popularity. It also debuted as a game discipline on World Cyber ​​Games, which was once the biggest event in the world of e-sports. Just like gambling in best online casinos, Dota 2 gathers people from all over the world in one online arena.

League of Legends

This MOBA game from the Riot Games company became one of the main e-sports disciplines immediately after the release. It is characterized by the presence of a system of games and leagues rating and a huge infrastructure of regional and world championships. League of Legends made its debut as an e-sports discipline at the World Cyber ​​Games in 2010. Further, since 2011, it has been hosting a separate World Championship in the League of Legends, with a large prize pool.

Heroes of the Storm

The new MOBA game from Blizzard has positioned itself as a game in the genre of “Hero Brawler.” The game contains characters from different universes of other Blizzard games and has its own unique rules. However, the overall gaming process is similar to that of the Defense of the Ancients – two teams of five people battle each other on different maps. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s main building.

StarCraft 2

Today, StarCraft 2 is one of the most complex and well-known disciplines in e-sports. In early 2012, Blizzard Entertainment announced the StarCraft II World Championship Series, a series of championships with many stages and qualifying games. Owing to high-quality visuals and interesting plot, the audience of the game is growing rapidly.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike is the most famous shooter in esports. It is a discipline in more than ten different big championships and series of tournaments, and in a huge number of local competitions. At the moment, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains the main discipline in such e-sports leagues and tournaments as Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Intel Extreme Masters.